Saturday, July 7, 2012

Overheard: Conversations at Primavera Sound

Welcome to the second installment of Overheard, where Simply Fuss Free recalls quotes and conversations had and heard at various places and events around the world and saves them for posterity. Read the Glastonbury installment here.

Unauthorized street vendor and myself outside festival gates at 4am: 
He: “Beer? Water? 2 euros!” 
Me: “...” 
He: “Two for three!” 
Me: “Pass.”
He: “Fuck you, motherfucker!” 

Two newly made Nisennenmondai fanboys and their adoration of Sayaka Himeno
“I want to have her babies.” 
“Don't you mean that the other way around?” 
“I don't even care, man. 

More Nisennenmondai comments:
"I have a girl crush on that drummer."
"She was demon possessed!"
"It's like she was possessed by a demon!"
"Dropped my beer dancing my arse off."

Two youngsters wandering around before PJ Harvey: 
Girl 1: “When is Molly supposed to kick in?” 
Girl 2: “How long has it been?” 
Girl 1: “Four hours.” 
Girl 2: “Yeah, you got screwed.” 

Drink vendor on Thursday evening:
"Our equipment is down. No water, no alcohol."

Food vendor on Thursday evening:
"We can't sell water. Go to a drink vendor."

Someone raving like a madman at a possible celebrity sighting: 

Moron with a sense of entitlement that squeezed up front at the San Miguel stage 45 minutes before Pulp to someone that had been waiting at the rail for several hours:
"Can you trade places with me? I have a camera and want to film some songs."

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