Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Bat for Lashes Songs Debut in Cambridge

Ever have one of those moments where all the magic that a festival has to offer comes together in such a way that it makes all the hardship okay to the point where you declare that you must return next year? For my first Coachella, this happened during the Pixies' big comeback while the sun went down in the massive desert sky. Glastonbury had at least a dozen such moments, but one of the best was witnessing Bat for Lashes captivate the crowd on a muggy Sunday afternoon. It's been over three years since Two Suns, but today Natasha Khan's formal return has been made official. The Haunted Man, Bat for Lashes' third album finally surfaces on October 15, and driving the point home yet again that American festivals will never be as good as their European counterparts, she will be touring that circuit this summer before a fall UK tour. Nothing is currently official or even rumored for the colonies at this time, but she is long overdue to play Coachella. Too soon?

Check out videos of some new songs from tonight's warmup gig at The Junction in Cambridge after the jump. Thanks to YouTube user 0000minuit0000 for the prompt uploads. You might remember "Oh Yeah" from its debut in Sydney last year.

A Wall:



Oh Yeah:

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