Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Donate to help Asobi Seksu enrich the world with music

So Brooklyn's best will be touring the UK this month opening for White Lies, but this increased exposure comes at a great financial loss, as will their upcoming tour for their acoustic album ReWolf, because that will be in smaller-than-usual venues. It's not just a donation, however, you'll be getting prizes depending on what you donate. For a mere $50, you get a signed and personalized album of your choice, t-shirt, download of ReWolf, buttons, and a personalized thank you card...bargain! There are also creative gifts that would ordinarily be priceless: a shoutout before the song of your choice (is Freebird allowed?) for $200? Backstage access and Polaroids with the band, and a thank you in the liner notes of their next album (being recorded in March-April) for $250? For any aspiring musicians out there, why not spend a day in the recording studio and watch them work their magic for $2,500? And for someone of major baller status, you can get a private acoustic show for $5,000. Sadly, that someone is not me.

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